Dependable & Proven Electrocoagulation Systems 

Engineered specifically for all saltwater and highly concentrated industrial treatment applications, including oil and gas applications such as frac flowback, produced water treament, or other applications that require recycling.

Saltwater is our specialty.  When it comes to saltwater recovery, our Electrocoagulation systems perform where all others fail!!!

Our systems easily treat highly concentrated water up to 650,000 microsiemens in conductivity (roughly 9x the concentration of the ocean) with no energy loss and no heat buildup in the reactors, while maintaining maximum electrode area and reaction time for maximum treatment!

Kills bacteria, coagulates suspended solids and oils for removal and removes turbidity for a fraction of the cost compared to conventional chemical treatment.  

Oil & Gas, Frac Water Reuse & Produced Water Treatment

GlobalSep Electrocoagulation systems have the exclusive ability to process highly concentrated saltwater with conductivity levels of up to 650,000 Microsiemens.  Moreover, our equipment operates without incurring any heat buildup in the reactor to reduce scaling and achieve maximum performance.  Furthermore, GlobalSep systems consume 50% to 90% less energy, can operate up to 20x times longer before electrode replacement, and requires the least amount of maintenance than any other system offered by our competitors.  This makes our Electrocoagulation technology the superior choice and "arguably" the only choice for frac water reuse and produced water treatment.